Noel upstairs.
Stay Alert. Stay Alive.
My little kitchen.
I am somebody
The Point of Power is in the Present.
when she's with the boyfriend, she doesn't know me.
Save me
No more Squirrels
We are all God.
I saw her again last night.
April in the Summer.
A thing like that.
a death is like a night
The Light
She forgives you.
Home is where the shit is
simultaneous action > infinity
where the light is
A Death is like a Night
It felt like rain, now it feels like snow.
fame is fleeting. time doesn't exist
before the second
lovely seeing you here
dreams are dreaming her
she believes, and so it is
life isn't everything
i've seen this happen in other people's lives, and now it's happening in mine
the lesson
i was here tomorrow
there is a light
waiting for god
Greece. Ohio. Boyfriend.
too close to home
cold day - hot night
The Moon can tell stories
daddy lays down the beat
rock and a hard place
born on the 4th of july
thoughts are all
It was the cause, and now it is the cure.
you watch the door, i'll watch you
give me an 'f'
her probable reality
she knows
have you ever seen a robin weep?
right here
love if you want it
sabbath before the ink
One night last night
Max and Rachel sm.jpg
Sailor boy asks what my problem is.