Thanks for visiting my online gallery. Photography came about unexpectedly for me as an extension of my love of shooting Super-8 movie film. From there it blossomed into a “form of self therapy” and while it still remains as much that as anything else, it is also a companion to a spiritual quest at this point. Shot in abandoned buildings, woods and motels,  the evolution of the work is rooted in inspirations derived from meditation, concepts of an all encompassing Oneness, Seth books ( Jane Roberts )  and the sensual nature of Creaturehood. 

Of the ‘Reality and Grace’ series I'll say it is meant to force myself and the viewer to look upon a particularly sensual aspect of Creaturehood, but see and feel the larger entity of ‘Spirit’. That decay, death, birth and growth are all the same and that we experience them; the beauty, the love, passion and suffering, chronologically in this physical reality, does not limit any given experience. Hate is but love with disappointment of expectations. Without love, hate would not have passion and cease to be 'hate'. 

The 'Ceiling of Glass' series shows where I started. What I had chosen to juxtapose then is a bit more rooted in the physical than what i hope to achieve currently. I do have good feelings about a number of those images though, and wanted to continue to show them.

Asked about any criticism or disapproval regarding the nature of his subjects I'd say simply, “Some people think in terms of ‘Good vs. Evil’ all of the time and are always thinking about and looking for negativity and the ‘dark'. I can only suggest that they step back, balance themselves, and look for Love and Positivity. I look at the images I create and see only bright Light. I shoot what I see, this is my experience. I execute the images through intention. That life is beautiful amidst what seems to be despair is part of what I want to express.